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Life with Prayer


As a kid I learned how to pray. Praying is part of my life. I believe that prayer is one of the most powerful things that we can do. I also believe praying will lead to a peaceful life. Praying is more than asking for help it is also listening to God.  Reading the bible we are reading the word of God.  As we are reading the word of God we should ask God to help us to understand what we are reading.

God always answer all prayers, sometimes the answer is no. To hear God’s answer we need to have an open heart. To be able to accept the things we cannot change but change the things that we are able to change. Through prayer we learn how to do this.

I am a man with Cerebral Palsy since I was born. I prayed every day and God has blessed me.  Each day I have many struggles, so i turn to prayer. I have a speech problem it is one of my struggles. It is hard to understand me so I pray for patience for myself and for the person I am talking with.

My hands are very spastic. I cannot do simple tasks of life like: feeding myself, writing, or tying my shoes. Most of the time I sit on my right hand because it is so spastic it will fly around. But through praying, my struggles become easier to accept and have a good day.

I try to say a prayer every hour. Thank you God, is a pray or Lord help me, is another prayer. Life without praying would be too hard to make it through the day.

Charles J. Breunig



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