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Walk OnThe Path That God Created For Us

God created us in His own image. In the bible, Genesis 1, 27.”God created man in his image. God know us better than we know our self. God know our needs, our dreams and weakness. He created a path for each of us to follow, but also God gave each of us a free will, so we can follow any paths we want to.

As we walk through our life sometime we follow different paths. Every day we make a decision which path to follow. Some paths look great to go on, but they lead to the dead end. There is one path for each person. That path God created for you. Through praying God will show us which paths we should follow.

Think about it for a minute, if God created us he should know what path we should be on. If that is true why don’t we take the time to ask God, to guide us throughout our day?

Once we are starting on the wrong path it is hard to turn around and go back because we don’t want to go all way back and start over again. God understand we make mistakes and he will  elp us if we ask him too guide us through our daily journey.

I wrote a poem called Journey.     

Early this morning
I started my daily journey through life,
and it was easy going.
Then I hit a cross road.

I looked at the signs.
One sign said “Short cut, turn right.”
I paused for a moment and turned right,
because I wanted to get where I was going.

The road was getting bumpy and rough.
It caused me to slow down.
I started to hit rocks and pot holes.
I wondered why the road was so rough.

I continued on my journey.
I thought the road would improve,
 but I was wrong.
The road got bumpier and bumpier.
I was starting to fall.

I started to wonder if this was the right way,
but I kept on going.
Then I saw a sign that said “Dead-end”.

I sat on a rock
and asked where I was.
It was getting dark.
I knew I was near where I was going,
but I had never felt so far.
Then I asked God for some help.

I looked up,
and saw a little path.
I started following it.

The path got smoother and smoother.
Soon I was where I wanted to be.


When I was writing this blog I thought I hit a dead end, but I asked God for help and he helped me. Jesus is always there to guide on right path. We are not alone we can trust Jesus to lead us.

God Bless
Charles Breunig

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