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What Is The Father's Will?

To do God’s will it take a lot of praying and we need to want to do the will of God. I truly believe by doing God’s will we will find peace, joy and happiness. But the road of following Jesus is full of pot holes and bumps. At the same time, God give us the grace to go on follow His son.

In Mark 8:34, Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up your cross and follow me.” This mean, to me, that I need to learn to do the Father’s will. Sometime God asks us to do something really difficult but if we do it we grow into a person that God is calling us to be.

In Mathew 11:30 Jesus said, “For my yoke is easy and my burden light.” Doing God’s will is not a hardship but it is a joy that a person cannot explain.

I have Cerebral Palsy since birth and I have a speech problem and it is hard to understand me.  A friend asked me, if I would do a talk on piety for a men’s Cursillo weekend? I said “’Yes,” because I did a few talks before with using my computer.

I recorded my talk on a tape so I could play it on the Cursillo weekend. As I was writing that talk I felt every day to tell my friend I couldn’t do it. But every time I felt like that I told God, if it is your will please help me. It was 50 minutes long and it took me a few weeks to write it. While the tape was playing, I felt bless by God and his graces rain down on me and I saw each of the men were deeply touch by my talk.

If you let God work through you, you will find the will of God. Your will slowly turn into the will of God.

The Father’s Will

Jesus please help me
to do the Father’s will,
 and not give into my will.

 sometimes it is hard
 to do your will.
I always make a mistake
and do things my way. 

you know me better
than myself.
Give me the understanding
 to do your will.

Jesus open my mind
to know what is
 the will of God for me.

Charles J Breunig

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Charles J. Breunig


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