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What Christmas Mean To Me

As a young child I went to school in Edmonton about 450 miles from my home because I have Cerebral Palsy. Along with getting an education I also got therapy. At Christmas Dad and one of my brothers came and took me home. I was 7 or 8 and it was a big deal I could spend time with my family. Yes I was excited for Santa to come, and I also learned about Jesus was born on that day. But I was able to stay at home for 2 weeks. It was something else!

As I was older and living at home and went to school in my home town, Christmas met given gifts and received them. I could not wait until I could open my gifts. But I was at awe with Jesus was born and with the Christmas story in the bible.

When I became an adult the meaning of Christmas change. Gifts were nice but I was not too excited about gifts. Christmas met something more than gifts.

Jesus was born to save us, God’s son enter the world as a poor baby to a poor family. Every year Jesus comes into our heart as a child to show us how to be children of God.

That baby was born in a barn among animals and laid in a manger. He came in the world to be our savior and our Lord. That is the meaning of Christmas to me.

By Charles Breunig


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