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Does God Answer Our Prayers?

When we are praying we want an answer right away or we feel that God didn’t answer our prayer. If you think like that, you are wrong.  God does answer our prayers in his own time. One of the most important key to life is praying.  That is how we communicate with God.

God loves us more then we can imagine. He created us so he knows our wants and our needs before we ask for them. If God said no to our prayers it is because God has a greater plan for us. I always say in my prayers your will be done. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus knows what God’s will was for him. So Jesus prays that his suffering would be taken away. In Matthew 26 verse 39, “My Father if it is possible let this cup pass away from me; yet not as I will, but as you will.” We all should pray to understand what God’s will is for us. Sure there are a lot of people that are doing their own thing, and they have everything they want, but are they truly happy and at peace?

When we pray we need to be open to God and want to take time to listen to him, and want to be with him. If you don’t want to listen to God why are you praying?  How can God help you if you don’t open your heart? God wants to give you his graces. 

Yes God answers all of our prayers.

Charles J Breunig



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