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Christmas Spirit


What is the Christmas Spirit? If you ask “What is Christmas?”  You would probably get a number of answers. Christmas is for kids. Kids are looking forward to Santa coming with Christmas gifts. People are looking forward to holidays and family and friend gatherings. We all give gifts to our loved one. We put up a Christmas tree and put up colorful lights.

But what is the real meaning of the Spirit of Christmas? About 2000 years ago a baby boy was born, named Jesus Christ the son of God. This baby was born in a barn because there was no room in the Inn. We sometime forget who Jesus is.

When Jesus was a man he talked about God’s love.  He healed the sick and disabled. He helped the poor. We celebrate his birthday every year for 2000 years.

Jesus entered the world to give us peace, love and hope. He is the son of God.  The Spirit of Christmas is peace, love and hope.

Have a Merry Christmas

Charles Breunig


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