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Carrying My Cross

Everyone need to carry their crosses. Sometime it seems a person has an easy life, but deep inside of him, he might go through a hard time. We don’t know. We cannot compare other people to us.

I am a man with Cerebral Palsy. Through my life I had a lot challenges to overcome but we all do. Our crosses we need to carry each day.

In Mathew 16:24 “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”

One time a priest told me a story. There was a man complaining how heavy his cross was to God. God show him a room of full of crosses and told the man to pick one. So the man went into the room and picked up each cross to see if he could carry it. Some crosses were too heavy and other crosses were too lite. But there was one cross just right, so the man shows it to God. And the man said “I like this cross.” God replied “I have picked that cross just for you.”

Over the years I learned to carry my cross with a smile. I don’t complain about my cross. If it is getting too heavy I will go home and sit in my easy chair and start to talk with God. I tell him how hard my life is, but at the end of our conversation I realized how lucky and bless I am. And I write a poem. My cross is not too heavy I only need to talk with God, pray more, trust in God.

As I walked through life I realize how lucky and blessed I am. I always know that God really love me. He created and knows my needs before I know them.

Charles J. Breunig


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