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Are We Alone?

Being all alone was one of the most scary things that I had to face in my life. I am a man with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy (CP) effects the part of the brain called the Cerebrum. My hands and legs are spastic. I can walk but sometimes I fall down. I have a speech problem and it is hard to understand me. People who do not know me would understand me about 25 to 45 percent. Friends and family would understand me about 50 to 95 percent of the time. No one could understand me 100 percent except God. 

I used to stay at home because it was so hard to speak with someone that couldn’t understand me or didn’t know how to understand me.  When I was starting to live alone it was very hard. An aide came in the morning to help me. Another aide would come to help me with supper, and then I was alone until morning. During the day I was in college with people. But at nights I felt like crying because I felt so lonely. Sometime I went to a bar or to a party with a friend but I felt more alone so I stayed at home because I could not speak.

Did you ever sit in a mall, and it was pact full of people and you still felt totally alone? Or did you ever sit in a park, when no one was around but you felt like someone was there with you? Feeling lonely is not being alone. Feeling alone is a feeling that we all have at some point. This feeling means we miss someone or something in our life.  If we truly believe in God we know that we are never alone, because God is with us always. But why do we still sometimes feel alone?

As I grow in my faith I realize that we grow closer to God and that lonely feeling slowly disappears. If we take the time to pray we know that God is with us. I have learned Jesus needs to be my best friend or I would feel alone. That is why I try to keep communication with God during my day. If a problem comes up I ask God to help me and thank him afterward.

We are never alone, God is always there with us. God wants to be your best friend, to help and guide you on your life journey.

God Bless
Charrles J. Breunig



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