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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall make up a year.
Winter covers the Earth with a white blanket.
Winter is cold.
So cold it can kill.
But winter can also be nice and enjoyable.

Winter turns warm
and the white blanket disappears.
It is spring.
Spring is the season of new life.
The animals have their young.
The trees and plants awaken from their sleep.
Soft showers start to make the land beautiful.
The sun warms the Earth.

As the sun warm up the Earth,
the season turns from spring to summer.
The beauty of the world becomes alive.
The trees are green.
The flowers are beautiful colors
 and give off sweet smells.
The water runs free like clouds flow in the sky.

But slowly the Earth turns cooler
and the season changes to fall.
The tree leaves turn beautiful colors
and then fall to the ground.
The crops turns yellow, ready for harvest.
The flowers die.
The animals plan for winter.
The birds gather
and fly south for the winter.

As it get colder and colder;
the water stops running,
the trees look dead,
and  the land is once more
covered with a white blanket.
The season is once again winter.

Charles  J. Breunig.


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