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Charles Breunig

It Is Getting Harder To Walk

My life is changing. I am spending more time in my wheelchair then walking. I am hitting walls when I am walking so I walk less and less. Once I could walk in church but I am using my wheelchair. Why O why it is hard to walk?  Once I could walk around in my apartment all day, but I need to use my wheelchair in the afternoon.

I want to do God’s Will

Charles Breunig Every day we like to have a good day. Sometime I wake up with pain and want to roll over and go back to sleep. But I get up and start my daily journey.  I would say a prayer.
Walk On The Path That God Created For Us
Charles Breunig God created us in His own image. In the bible, Genesis 1, 27.”God created man in his image. God know us better than we know our self. God know our needs, our dreams and weakness. He created a path for each of us to follow, but also God gave each of us a free will, so we can follow any paths we want to.
What Christmas Mean To Me?
Charles Breunig


Jesus was born to save us, God’s son enter the world as a poor baby to a poor family. Every year Jesus comes into our heart as a child to show us how to be children of God.

Charles Breunig
Carrying My Cross
Everyone need to carry their crosses. Sometime it seems a person has an easy life, but deep inside of him, he might go through a hard time. We don’t know. We cannot compare other people to us.
How I Get To Know God
Charles Breunig As I am getting older I am taking more time to pray. I am a man with Cerebral Palsy and I can’t work so I have the time to pray. Praying is the way to get to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

Living With Pain And Suffering

Charles Breunig We suffer all through our life with some kind of pain. When I was in my teens sometime Mom told me, to offer my pain up to God, to our Lord Jesus Christ. I asked myself how and why? When I was 12 years old I had a rash all over my body. Every muscle on my right side was moving, even my tongue was spastic and sore.  I could not even walk.
My Path In Life
Charles Breunig Through life we try to walk on many paths but those lead to a dead end. At the end we could sit there and feel sorry for our self or turn around and walk back to across road and try a new path.
Why Do I Pray?
Charles Breunig Praying is a part of my day, like I need to eat food. I always try to have a prayer floating around in my thoughts. When I am driving I ask God to be with me. Yes I the radio on but a prayer is flowing through my mind.

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